Wadani party responds to criticism from Somaliland government

Hargeisa(SD)-The Secretary-General of Somaliland’s Wadani party Mr. Khadar Hussein Abdi described the country’s information minister’s criticisms as a disgrace to the nation and its unity.

“The former Minister of Information said Wadani is a Somali unionist, may be doesn’t know what it means and the effects it has, when he says a national party with 42% of the votes is for greater Somalia, he also does not understand that his remarks are weakening Somaliland’s negotiations for independence”. said Mr. Khadar.

Mr. Khadar in his response to the minister’s criticism pointed out the devastating effects his words have on the Army and political parties when he divides and calls them a tribal fiefdoms.

The secretary- General pointed out how unproductive the ministry of Information is “you can’t listen to Radio Hargeisa if you are at Haleya(outskirts of the capital), the local National TV does not work, yet the minister has the audacity to talk about matters of national interest”.

 Wadani party said it would send a letter of complaint to the House of Representatives asking them investigate the minister of Somaliland’s divisive rhetoric.

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