What led Awale’s rebellion to retract its armed struggle in Awdal

Borama(SD)-Somaliland political insiders have been mulling over the reasons the Awale rebel group in Borama have retracted their commitment to achieve a more equal Somaliland.

Despite the economic and military stresses that may result from the conflict, there was also the fact that all of the Awdal communities were not participating in the uprising.

It wasn’t a secret that within the Awdal communities, there is a competition for the second top position in the country, And Minister Sarjin and the rebel group were promised, allegedly, that they’re up for the Vise-president’s position on the next election cycle, hence Mr. Saylici’s vigorous campaign style visit to Borama after the deal.

These and other factors are the reasons for the short-lived uprising in the region, and the negotiations were finelized by the local community, comprised of key officials, traditional leaders and intellectuals, who viewed the uprising as a misnomer in their own neighborhoods and a policy that would undermine economic development in the region.

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