Why did pres. Farmajo renounce his US citizenship

Mogadishu(SD)-The President of the Republic of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has renounced his naturalized US citizenship today.

“This work has been ongoing for a long time and has been involved by both the legal and ethical offices of Somalia and the United States,” said an statement from the presidency office.

As per the statement the Federal constitution allows Somali citizens to have a second citizenship while in public office.

According to US department of state an individual who becomes a head of state of another country such as Pres. Farmajo may have to relinquish their US citizenship. 

“Cases involving service of a U.S. national as a foreign head of state, head of government, or foreign minister raise complex questions of international law and are reviewed by the Department on a case by case basis. Serving as a foreign head of state/government or foreign minister may affect the level of immunity from U.S. jurisdiction that a dual national may be afforded. All such cases should be referred to the Office of the Assistant Legal Adviser for Consular Affairs”. says the US law

But Mr. Farmajo decided voluntarily to renounce his US citizenship.

This news comes days after the US media circulated a video of the Somalia Pres. pondering why Somalia jihadist do not bomb the countries of their recruits.

Mr. Farmajo’s decision to renounce his second citizenship is the first of it’s kind in the Somali political arena.


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