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SNA kills over 100 militants – state media

MOGADISHU (SD) – At least 100 al-Shabaab fighters have been killed and dozens of others wounded in security operations in southern Somalia, the media reported.

According to the state-owned media, Somali military liberated several villages during security operations which has been ongoing for the third week.

The report comes barely two days after Al-Shabaab claimed to have recaptured three villages in Middle Shabelle region.

The group said it has retaken Qordhere, War’ise and Wararahley in Middle Shabelle region ‘without resistance’ in what could affirm concerns of immediate withdrawal by SNA.

Both the SNA and AMISOM have been accused in the past of withdrawal from recaptured areas exposing locals to recriminations by the militant group upon return.

NA has this past week claimed victory against Al-Shabaab killing over 200 militants.

On Sunday, the national army said it killed 100 militants followed by a similar claim of 35 deaths on Monday.

SNA also said it killed 15 militants on Wednesday and 70 others on last Thursday.

SNA has upped ground operations against Al-Shabaab in recent weeks as the country prepares for elections to be held in August.

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