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17-year-old running for Edmonton city council

Edmonton (SD) – Haruun Jibril Ali, a 17-year-old Canadian, announced his candidacy for the upcoming local council elections in Edmonton, Ward 8 or Papastew.

Alberta election law stipulates that a candidate must be 18 years old before the end of the nomination period, which ends on September 20, 2021.

Haruun, who turns 18 next April, says the growing youth population in the city have no political representation in the capital of Alberta, Canada.

“I really think that we as youth have the biggest stake in Edmonton, in any political future. We are the ones who are going to be here for a while, I really want to work towards finding more ways to get youth to the table and into the discussion.” Haruun J. Ali recently told ctvnews.

Harun also said that black people living in Edmonton were also never represented by one of their own in the Edmonton City Council.

“During the 116 years history of Edmonton City Council, not a single black person was ever elected to this council, we want to have a stronger representation of black people in city council, ” Haruun told the BBC.

Harun also told the BBC he would work to reform the city’s police force “I will work with Edmonton Police to provide body cameras to officers, in order to monitor their daily activities, as not to abuse their authority.”

This young politician wants to address the challenges facing Somali youth in terms of employment and integration.

If Harun Jibril Ali wins the next municipal election, he will be the youngest and the first black person to be elected in Edmonton.

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