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Janan confirms capture of his forces by SNA

MANDERA (SD) – Fugitive Jubbaland security minister Abdirashid Janan has for the first time confirmed the capture of his forces by Somali military in Beled-Hawa town.

Speaking to the media, Janan dismissed the assertion by the Federal Government that it captured 250 Janan forces during the January fight in Belet-Hawo.

“The federal government forces captured 21 soldiers only while 16 others had defected but the claims that 250 soldiers were being captured are unfounded,” Janan said.

Janan has urged residents to vacate the town ahead of new offensive against Somali military in the town.

The remarks of Janan comes barely a week after heavy clashes between Somali military and Janan forces fought in Belet-Hawa town.

Over 10 people among them five children of the same family.

Janan who escaped custody in Mogadishu and reportedly crossed into Kenya last year has an international warrant of arrest on his head but Somalia has accused Kenya of shielding him and his renegade forces in the border town of Mandera.

The clashes between Janan and SNA forces has become a subject of a diplomatic row between Kenya and Somalia leading to a cut of relations.

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