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A newly elected federal MP dies in Nairobi

NAIROBI (SD) – Mohamud Muhumed Omar (Kulow), a newly elected member of Somalia’s lower house of parliament, has died in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Relatives of the lawmaker have confirmed his death, and there are no details on how and where the lawmaker died or where his body was found.

Lawmaker Mohamud Muhumed Omar (Kulow) was elected in Kismayo on February 22nd, and was one of the closest members of the Jubbaland president.

“The president pointed out that the deceased was one of the most influential people in the society who participated in many important activities in the social affairs and played a significant role as he was one of the people who strongly supported the government of Jubaland and dedicated his time and resources. ”Said a statement from the Jubbaland presidency.

He is the first member of parliament to die in parliament and has been ill in Nairobi, Kenya for the past few days.

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