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AFRICOM: COVID-19 killed Al Shabab leaders

Mogadishu (SD) – Al-Shabaab officials have died of Covid-19 contrary to the groups claim, according to US military officials.

The US military’s Africa Command (AFRICOM) made the claim in a recent statement in which they discussed anti extremist operations in Africa.

“what we have seen is al-Shabaab made some very bold statements that this was a threat only to the nonbelievers, that this would not affect al-Shabaab, but yet we have seen that some of their leaders not only have contracted COVID but have died from COVID.  So COVID knows no borders and it knows no difference between religious backgrounds or anything else.  It will attack indiscriminately, and that goes for al-Shabaab just as well.” Dagvin Anderson, AFRICOM Special Operations Commander said.

The AFRICOM commander didn’t say how many of the groups leadership that died of COVID-19.

Al-Shabaab has previously announced that it has set up a commission that will study COVID-19 and its effects on society.

There was no immediate response from al-Shabaab, and no one could independently verify the AFRICOM command’s claims.

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