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Agencies operating in Mogadishu Port warned against working with Al-Shabaab

Mogadishu October 20,2022 (SD) – Somalia’s Ministry of Ports and Maritime Transport warned the Agents that provide services at the port in sharing trader’s information with the Al-Shabaab.

In recent years, Al Shabaab has been charging taxes on commercial shipments at Mogadishu Port.

The companies operating in the Ports have been instructed that those who are found to pay taxes to Al Shabaab will be identified as supporting Terrorism.

Recently, the Minister of Commerce of Somalia said that he is referring to the Ministry of Ports up to four importing companies, who are said to be sharing info with Al Shabaab.

It was a few days ago when the United States government imposed sanctions on Somali individuals who are believed to be in charge of Al-Shabaab’s financing and business dealings in the country.

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