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Ahmed Madobe: Amnesty International needs to look into Government official’s behavior

Kismayo(SD)-Jubbaland regional president Ahmed Mohamed Islam [Ahmed Madobe] who gave a speech today for nearly 28 minutes strongly attacked the government’s top political leaders.

Ahmed Madobe was particularly critical of the government’s ban on flights to Kismayo and the Jubbaland regions and the arrest of Jubbaland Minister of Security Abdirashid Janan.

He said the Somali government leaders wanted the same outcome in the Jubaland election as the one in Bedhabo in Bay region, he said the reason for the Federal government’s rejection of the election was that the government did not have good enough candidates in Jubaland, as did the election in Baidoa at the end of 2018.

Speaking at the arrest of Minister Janan, he said that Janan refused to destroy the Jubaland administration he had established in his own hands, rejecting several promises made by the country’s leaders.

Ahmed Madobe said that the Somali President told the Gedo elders who went to see him about the release of the mister, to renounce the Jubaland elections first.

The Jubaland President spoke about the Amnesty International’s allegations against Minster Janan, and asked why Amnesty didn’t comment about the government killing Abdirahman Abdishakur a former Somali minster’s soldiers, why the agency didn’t talk about the government soldiers killing people in Baidoa, and the promotion of the army commander responsible for that killing to Somalia’s Prison chief.

Jubaland president Ahmed Madobe finally threatened to take action against the Somali Federal government, If the leadership of the government does not come up with a different policy than the one currently undermining the Jubaland administration.

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