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Airstrikes in Somalia kills 28 militants

MOGADISHU (SD)-Somalia’s armed forces, supported by international forces, carried out airstrikes last night in areas bordering the Middle Shabelle and Galgadud regions.

The strikes targeted a place where many members of Al Shabab were gathered, and the bombing also destroyed military vehicles.

Abdinur Yusuf Qadaye, the commander of the 86th brigade of the 77th army of the country’s armed forces, told the media that 28 fighters were killed in the Al Shabaab attack, he also pointed out that many others were injured in the attack, and added that the Al Shabaab wounded were taken to Cowsweyne.

The planes that support the country’s armed forces carry out aerial attacks targeting Al Shabab, and these attacks sometimes cause heavy losses to Al Shabab.

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