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Al Shabaab accused to be behind Hotel attack in Mogadishu

Mogadishu November 28, 2022 (SD) – The fighters said to be members of the Al Shabaab group were fighting until tonight at the Villa Rose hotel, which is not far from the Somali Presidency.

It was said that the government forces trained for this type of operation succeeded in saving government officials including the minister of security and many other people who were there.

A Police spokesman confirmed six fighters entered the hotel killing eight people and one soldier and injuring several other people.

However, it took the forces over 24 hours in clearing the hotel from the armed men, the Al Shabaab militants repeatedly attack the places where they live or manage the politicians and government workers of Somalia, and many times these attacks harm civilians.

As of now, Al Shabaab did not claim responsibility for the attack.

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