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Al-Shabaab claims blast kills more than 10 DANAB soldiers

MOGADISHU (SD) – Blast targeted a convoy of Somalia’s federal government troops, particularly the DANAB commandos, near the town of Balad in Middle Shabelle region in southern Somalia.

The blast, a remote-controlled landmine, ripped through a convoy of vehicles en route to Jowhar town.

Witnesses said the blast caused heavy casualties to the troops, and that more than 10 DANAB soldiers were killed in the blast.

Al-Shabaab said in a statement that they targeted a convoy of DANAB troops leaving Mogadishu and was on their way to Jowhar.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the blast, which they said killed 15 DANAB soldiers and destroyed vehicles carrying Somali troops.

There was no immediate word from DANAB officials on the Al Shabaab attack on the troops.

Explosions causing casualties have previously been targeted at government and AMISOM forces on the road between Jowhar and Balad.

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