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Al-Shabaab dismisses NISA accusations of the abduction and killing of Ikran Tahliil

Mogadishu (SD) – A statement released by Al-Shabaab today denied claims by the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) that it was behind the abduction and assassination of Ikraan Tahliil, a former NISA officer.

“”We are neither aware nor behind the killing of Ikraan Tahliil of NISA. Just like the Somali public, we are shocked that the government intelligence is blaming us for the killing of their agent.” the statement said.

Al-Shabaab also added “We target the leaders and officials of the anti-terrorism intelligence service and we claim their killings, but we bare no responsibility with Ikran’s abduction and killing.”

Al-Shabaab noted that NISA was operating under what they called infidels and is led by self-interested extremists who did not respect religion or humanity, according to the report.

“If they were harassing and imprisoning Muslims yesterday, openly killing them, today you can see that they turned on their employees, started to abduct and kill them, mocking their relatives.” the statement said.

NISA’s claim that al-Shabaab abducted and killed Ikran has caught the attention of many on social media, prompting outrage from opposition politicians who have accused the NISA commander of being behind the killing.

The assassination of the intelligence officer is suspected to have been carried out by members of the National Intelligence Service (NISA), prominent politicians have called on Prime Minister Roble to remove the NISA commander and investigate the case.

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