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Al Shabaab face growing local challenge in Hiiraan Region

Monday, September, 19, 2022 (SD) – 50 Al-Shabaab group members have been killed in Buulo-Burde district in Hiiraan regions by the National Army and local Ma’awisley forces.

45 fighters were killed in Yasooman, in the district of  Buulo-Burde. While the other 9 were killed at Warmahan village in Lower Shabelle, in the proceeding operations of the national army forces.  

According to the Ministry of Information of Somalia, 200 Al-Shabaab group members were killed while 30 villages were liberated in these operations, with the local people forces cooperation. 

Three Somali National Army Forces soldiers were injured during the operations.

Meanwhile, the Somali government forces and the local community forces know as Ma’awisley, reportedly took over today Booco district, in Hiiraan, 45 KM South of Balawdweyn city.

The operation was overseen by Ali Jeyte Osman, The Governor of Hiiraan region, with Somali National Army Officers from the 5th battalion’s 27th division operating in the region.

Reports says there was no fighting as Al-Shabaab forces left Booco District before the National Army Forces arrived and the district is now under their control without a single bullet fired.

Booco area was Al-Shabaab’s largest controlled base for a decade with a large Islamic Courts, that summoned people and, businessmen.

In June of this year, A strong organized Local militia attacked Booco – angered by Al-Shabaab Killing one of their Prominent Clan Elder, named Ali Mohamud Ali Dheere, who was a well-known figure in Hiiraan region.

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