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Al-Shabaab leader warns against participating in Somalia’s elections

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s Al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Omar Abu-Ubaydah, in an audio recording, released today issued a warning against participating in Somalia’s long awaited elections.

The Al-Shabaab leader sent warning to traditional leaders and clan delegates who are to elect members of both houses of the Federal Parliament, threatening to crack down on anyone involved in the election.

“We warn our people to participate in the country’s elections, we warn against being part of the colonial rule in the country and giving support and legitimacy to the infidel agenda based on the fight against Islamic Sharia,” Abu-Ubaydah said.

Abu-Ubaydah also accused Somali government officials of being under the control of foreign powers, saying the electoral conference was a failure.

Speaking about Somalia’s 2020/2021 presidential candidates , he said they are no different then their predecessors and that they will only be serving foreign countries.

“The mujahedeen are opposed to any plan that goes against the religion. We are sending warnings and instructions to the delegates., your safety will not be secured, do not just think about getting money, look at others who were in the same positions as you, were are they now, what sort of life are the rest leading.” said Abu-Ubaydah.

Ahmed Omar Abu-Ubaydah also strongly criticized the Somali media for spreading lies and propaganda about Al-Shabaab, in order to please Westerners.

Al-Shabaab’s emir’s remarks were mostly warnings and threats against anyone involved in Somalia’s upcoming elections.

The threatening statement came after Somalia’s Federal Electoral Commission announced the process for the upper house elections yesterday.

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