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Al-Shabaab seizes a region in Sanaag, abducts officials

Lasqoray (SD) Reports from Lasqoray district in Sanaag region indicate that Al Shabab fighters have taken over the control of Milho village which is located between Durduri and Lasqoray districts this morning.

Al-Shabaab militants, armed with assault rifles, attacked the area this morning, sparking clashes between local forces and Al-Shabaab militants.

Sources say militants have kidnapped Milho Village Mayor Mohamed Jama Aar (Bulbul) and other officials, although it has not yet been officially confirmed.

The Al-Shabab’s attack on Milho comes a day after reports indicated that militant fighters imported weapons from Yemen in regions under Lasqoray.

The situation is currently tense, and lots of movements are still being felt on the outskirts of Lasqoray district.

The Somaliland government and the Puntland administration, both have representation in the area, have not yet commented on the latest incident.

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