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Ambassador Bashe Awil, appointed yesterday by President Bihi, resigns

Hargeisa (SD) – Ambassador Bashe Awil, who was appointed by President Bihi yesterday, has today resigned as Deputy Foreign Minister and the role as an Somaliland’s Ambassador to Kenya.

Ambassador Bashe Awil, in a statement issued today, confirmed his resignation, a widely discussed topic on Social media by sources close to him, since his appointment yesterday.

“Mr. President, I am submitting my resignation to the post of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. I have also resigned from the post of Representative of the Somaliland Office in Kenya, which you appointed on August 13, 2018.” Said the resignation statement.

Adding “Therefore, it was a great honor for me to serve my country Somaliland during the last six years as the Representative of Somaliland to the UAE and Kenya. Finally, I hope you will accept my resignation request.”

Ambassador Bashe Awil, has reportedly submitted his resignation to President Bihi today, it is not yet known if it’s excepted or not.

Amb Bashe Awil, a prominent politician, is said to be deeply disappointed by the president’s appointment to the role of a deputy minister.

President Bihi, who has one year left in his term, announced a cabinet reshuffle yesterday, in response to the ruling party’s defeat in the country’s recent elections.

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