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Amisom accused of killing seven Somali civilians

MOGADISHU (SD) – Ugandan troops working under the framework of Africa Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom)) have been accused of killing seven civilians in Lower Shebelle region.

Reliable sources in Golweyn village said that Amisom convoy carrying the soldiers came under attack by Al-Shabaab fighters, prompting fierce fighting which lasted for more than half an hour.

Both Al-Shabaab and Amisom confirmed the clashes which took place Tuesday morning.

According to locals in the village, immediately the fighting subsided, Amisom troops raided the villagers, picking seven of the locals. Later on, the mutilated bodies of the villagers were found at an area few kilometres away from the village.

Father of one of the victims has blamed the troops for the death of the civilians who were said to be farmers.

“My son and six others were captured by AMISOM forces and killed on the spot. All seven were killed, including the owner of the farm,” Mohamed Yonis Aden who whose son was among the victims said.

Meanwhile, Amisom said in a twitter post that their forces killed seven terrorists during an operation to secure the main supply route between Beldamin-Golweyn forward operating bases in Lower Shabelle.

The mission said the forces engaged and dislodged an Al-Shabaab ambush that had been laid in waiting.

The forces also claimed to have recovered weapons from al-Shabaab militants during the operation.

AMISOM has more than 18,000 soldiers and police, from six African countries, deployed in Somalia to protect the government there and fight the militants.

AMISOM has previously been accused of killing civilians, including an incident in which armored vehicles ran over civilians’ cars.

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