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AMISOM hands over control of Afgoye district to Somali forces

Afgoye (SD) – AMISOM peacekeepers stationed in Afgoye, Lower Shabelle region for a long time vacated their bases today and were replaced by the Somali military.

The handover ceremony was attended by officials including the commander of the ground forces General Mohamed Tahliil Bihi, AMISOM Deputy Commander, Commander of the 12th April Division of the Somali National Army, Governor of Lower Shabelle and other officials.

The commander of Somalia’s ground forces General Tahliil said that they are happy that AMISOM has handed over the security of Afgoye district to Somali forces, thanking AMISOM for its role in maintaining security in Somalia.

The Deputy Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (DSRCC) for Somalia, Brigadier William Shume, said the move was part of a transition plan for the country’s armed forces to take over security responsibility.

The district of Afgoye was previously controlled by Al Shabab militants.

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