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Armed clashes and protests against Guudlawe taking place in Beledweyne this morning

Beledweyne (SD) – Reports from Beledweyne town in central Somalia say that fighters led by General Huud attacked government bases in Beledweyne town, the provincial capital of Hiran region.

The militants reportedly took control some neighborhoods in Beledweyne town but later returned to their base in Ceel-gaal district.

Reports say that two people were wounded in an exchange of gunfire between the military and the militia led by General Huud.

After the confrontations between the government troops and the militia in Beledweyne, demonstrations against President Ali Abdullah Hussein Hirshabelle state started.

The protests in Beledweyne are part of a series of demonstrations against the new Hirshabelle state president in recent days.

Demonstrators blocked the main road that connects downtown Beledweyne and the airport.

The Federal Minister of Interior General Muqtar, Hirshabelle Vice President Yusuf Dabaged, Speaker of Hirshabelle Parliament Luqman and members of Hirshabelle parliament.

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