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Awdal rebel group: Muse Bihi is only the president of his own Sa’ad Muse clan and not for all of Somaliland

Borama(SD)-A rebel group in the eastern city of Borama has for the first time spoken to the media and sent a dire message to the Somaliland government.

The leaders of the Awale rebel group said they would fight the injustice galvanized Somaliland and called on the people of Awdal region to take the warning seriously, and on the other hand call on all foreigners in the region to leave immediately.

A spokesman for the rebels said there was a conflict looming in the region and called on the Somaliland government to prepare for war.

They have accused Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi  as the president of a single clan, his own Sa’ad Muse, is what they put it.

So far there has been no official statement from the Somaliland government regarding the new leadership of the Awale and their accusations of on one clan rule in Somaliland.

This is the second regional armed rebel group is born out of the lack of power sharing in Somaliland ever since the Kulmiye rule.

There were the Col Arre armed group in the East, and now Awale rebel group in the West of the country.

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