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Baghdadi demands journalist remain in custody

Hargeisa (SD) – Marodi-jeex Regional Court has remanded journalist Aden Abdi Idle, who have been illegally detained in Hargeisa’s Central Prison for seven days.

The journalist recently posted on his Facebook page how the Governor of the Bank of Somaliland, Ali Baghdadi built high rises in Hargeisa with allegedly stolen public funds.

The governor of the Central Bank of Somaliland, who has not defended himself, has reportedly sued and ordered the arrest of the veteran journalist.

In recent days, Ali Baghdadi was seen on social media networks threatening journalists who dare cover his alleged embezzlement of public funds with imprisonment.

The Bank Governor gleefully reminded journalist of the plight of Somaliland’s hadhwanaag website reporters who fled the country due to imprisonment and torture after publishing public corruption articles.

Human rights groups and journalists advocates have so far failed to protest Ali Baghdadi’s transgressions in Hargeisa.

Journalist Adan Abdi Idle becomes the seventh journalist to be arrested by Ali Baghdadi after questioning his ability to obtain funds for massive building in Hargeisa.

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