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Banadir police boss axed, ex-Shabaab leader appointed

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somali police chief, Abdi Hassan Hijar has fired Banaadir region police commissioner, Sadak Omar Hassan aka Sadak John.

In a statement, Hijar replaced Sadak with Farhan Mohamed Aden, aka Farhan Qarole, directing the new boss to assume the office with immediate effect.

The newly appointed Banaadir police boss, an al-Shabaab defector, was a member of Turkish trained paramilitary forces known as Haram-ad.

Farhan Qarole was al-Shabaab mid-rank leader operating in Mogadishu’s main market which then the stronghold of the militants before they were forced out of the capital.

According to other al-Shabaab defectors, the man led many operations to assassinate the government officials in Mogadishu.

He defected to Somali government some years back after he contacted some of his relatives in the government.

Farhan Qarole was then trained as a paramilitary police officer by Turkish government.

The dismissal of Sadak John comes hour after he suspended parliamentary session slated for Monday.

Sadak John said he took the decision to suspend today’s parliament session to avoid violence and power grab.

“I’m responsible for and in charge of Mogadishu security, all parties, whether government or opposition will be treated equally before the law,” he said.

The immediate former Banaadir police boss also directed the lawmaker to seek fresh mandate from their people.

Sadak John also asked the Prime Minister to ‘exercise his powers’ saying “you should not sit around and take dictation; you should be dictating.”

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