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Barawe Hosts First Federal Parliamentary Elections

BARAWE (SD) – The Southwest State of Somalia’s Electoral Commission (SWEC) has today held elections in Barawe, the capital of Southwest State of Somalia for 7 seats out of the 13 seats in the parliament.

Salim Aliyow Ibrow and Aden Osman Hassan contested for the first seat in HOP 165 in Barawe, previously held by Salim. Salim Aliyow won the seat again with 70 votes, while his opponent Adan Osman received 15 votes.

The second seat, HOP 161, was contested by Abdullahi Hussein Farah and Yusuf Adan Mohamed, with Yusuf Adan Mohamed receiving 80 votes, whereas his competitor, Abdullahi Hussein Farah, received 7 votes.

Maryan Mohamed Ali and Faduma Hassan Omar competed for the third seat of HOP 44, with Maryan Mohamed Ali receiving 73 votes, whereas Faduma Hassan received 10 votes.

Hussein Ali Haji won the fourth seat in Brava, HOP 16, with 81 votes, while his rival, Ismail Hussein Ahmed, received 10 votes.

The fifth seat, HOP 152, was re-elected by Abdullahi Ahmed Abshir with 83 votes, while his opponent Ahmed Hassan Gedi received 16 votes.

In the sixth seat of HOP 153, Farhiya Mohamed Abdi won with 88 votes, while her contender Anisa Mohamed Hassan received 12 votes.

The seventh seat, the last seat in Barawe, HOP 151, was won by Abdullahi Hussein Ali, who received 78 votes, whereas his contestant, Mahad Ali Ahmed, received 17 votes.

Tomorrow, the city is set to hold elections for the remaining six of the seven seats up for grabs in Barawe. If the elections are finalized by tomorrow, the Southwest Administration will become the first administration to conclude the election of the 11th Parliament in Southwest Somalia.

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