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Burmadow apologizes as Banadir regional administration demands his arrest

Mogadishu (SD) – King Osman Aw-Mohamud Mohamed (Burmadow) apologized for his earlier remarks, were he was seen as praising the former Al Shabaab leader, saying his remarks were politicized.

“I was talking at a community lunch, we were joking, It was a community joke. It had no other purpose.”

Burmadow said his visit was aimed at strengthening peace and reconciliation among the people, adding that he had previously stated that he wouldn’t support anyone who shed blood.

“I an known to have nothing in coming with Al Shabaab, the public also knows that” Burmadow said, apologizing to anyone who had bothered by his speech.

On the other Hand, Benadir regional administration has strongly condemned King Osman Ow-Mohamud Burmadow statement of there being two governments in the country, the Federal Government and Al Shabaab.

The deputy security commissioner of Benadir region Ali Yare has strongly condemned the statement made by Burmadow which he described as a crime that cannot be tolerated by the people of Mogadishu.

“We have filed a lawsuit against Burmadow and demanded his arrest, I support the people of Benadir region who are organizing a demonstration against Burmadow for supporting Al Shabaab.” Cali Yare said.

King Burmadow said he was in Mogadishu as part of his Horn of Africa tour and bringing Somali communities together.

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