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Chairman Hirsi: “We say to the Government the inflation is real”

HARGEISA (SD) – Wadani Party Chairman Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan, has accused the Somaliland government of turning a deaf ear to inflation complaints.

Hirsi at a presser today said inflation is making the current situation in the country worse and that the government needs to be address it.

” We are telling the government to listen to the public, ignoring the current and worsening situation would not go away by ignoring the outcry” Hirsi Ali said at presser today.

Hirsi said that in addition to inflation, the country suffered the worst financial downturn during President Bihi’s administration.

Hirsi alleged that the inflation was exacerbated by private business interests. “In addition to private business interests, the inflation was made worst by increased in port tariffs, the absence of a price monitoring system”

“The problem in the country is not only inflation but in the last four years of this government the country has been plagued by economic hardship and political unrest which has led to the closure of many businesses and others are on the verge of collapse,” Hirsi said.

Somaliland opposition and society have been complaining of inflation have been severely affecting livelihoods.

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