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Chairman of the Northern Regions Electoral Commission says elections for the House of Representatives will begin in the coming days

Mogadishu(SD) – Khadar Harir Hussein, chairman of the Northern Regions Electoral Commission, said elections for members of parliament from Somaliland would begin in the coming days, following a meeting between Prime Minister Roble, the Federal Electoral Commission (FEIT) and SIET.

“It was agreed that a fair and transparent election will start next two weeks. It was also agreed that the polling station should be assessed and the selection of the delegate process should be expedited. The elections of the first seats will be held within two weeks and a comprehensive plan of action and timelines has been agreed upon for each task.” Said Chairman Khadar Harir.

The chairman of the Northern Regions Electoral Commission said they are committed to holding a creditable elections on time.

Elections for the northern regions of Somalia for the two Federal Houses of Parliament have been delayed several times, due to disputes Deputy PM Mahdi Guled and Speaker of the Upper House Abdi Hashi over who should appoint the SEIT members

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