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Children die in Mogadishu floods

Mogadishu (SD) – Heavy rains in Mogadishu have caused damages houses in some parts of Mogadishu today.

A house in the Bula-hubey neighborhood of Wadajir District flooded, killing nine people, including seven children, according to residents.

The father of the deceased children, Hassan Abdullahi, who spoke to the media at their burial site, said that their house was flooded, causing them to drown.

Hassan Abdullahi added that he could not save them as he did not know how to swim.

Rescue efforts by the families of the victims’ neighbors have succeeded in rescuing some children, and efforts are underway to remove water from their homes for resettlement.

A near by Lake flooded affecting some neighborhoods in Bula-Hubey, and the local government is accused of neglecting to deal with the lake, which causes damage to residents every year during the rainy season.

Mogadishu’s rainy seasons has the greatest impact on displaced and poor families, those living in old houses & neighborhoods near waterways and roads.

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