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Deni renegades CPC over planned conference 

BAIDOOA (SD) – The president of Puntland state in northeastern Somalia, Said Abdullahi Deni has opposed a proposal by Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) to hold conference to form Transitional Government in Somalia.

Speaking at the ceremony to mark the third anniversary of Abdiaziz Lafta-gareen’s election as Southwest state president, Deni had rubbished the idea to convene national conference to discuss the possibility of form parallel federal administration.

The leader had likened the opposition planned conference to a return to Arte Conference in 2000, warning that the move could be very dangerous and plunge the nation into anarchy.

Arte Conference was hold in Djibouti from 20 April – 5 May 2000 and it culminated in the birth of the Transitional National Government.

‘”People who say ‘let’s set up councils’ are going to take us back to Arte’s tent. It’s a dangerous thing. This country needs consensus and public interest to be before everything,” the leader.

The CPC announced last week it would be convening a national conference in light of reported widespread grievances and irregularities in the ongoing Lower House elections. 

The CPC said it was forming a security and technical committee to oversee preparations for the conference.

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