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Djiboutian Amisom Base Shelled in Baladweyne

Beledweyne (SD) – Reports from Hiran region indicate that mortars were fired at a Djiboutian AMISOM base in that region at midnight.

At least six mortars were reported to have been hit at the AMISOM base in Hawlwadaag district, but it is not yet known if the attacks caused damages or casualties.

Reports also indicate that Djiboutian troops responded with several artillery shells, which fell on yet unknown parts of Beledweyne.

There has been no word from the Regional Hiran administration, the district of Beledweyne or AMISOM officials about the attack.

The situation is calm this morning, government and Djiboutian troops have started military exercises around the town of Beledweyne, the headquarters of Hiran.

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