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Djiboutian citizen arrested in Somaliland for criticizing Ismail Omar Guelleh

HARGEISA (SD) – A Djiboutian national living in Somaliland for some time was arrested today in Gabiley, after criticizing the Djiboutian president on social media.

The Somaliland Independent Human Rights Center condemned the arrest of Arreh Suleyman Awled Arreh​, a Djiboutian Social media activist living with his mother in Gabiley.

“Human Rights Center was able to get in contact with his family and can report that he was arrested without proper procedure and without a warrant as indicated in Somaliland constitution, nor charges that he is accused of. ​ ” said the centre in a released statement.

Arreh recorded a video prior to his arrest, said the Djiboutian government asked Somaliland to no longer allow him to criticize Djiboutian officials inside Somaliland.

“It will be morally unethical if the Somaliland government hands over Arreh Suleyman Awled Arreh. ​ The center would like to request his immediate release and freedom.” the centre said.

The Somaliland and Djiboutian governments have not yet commented on the arrest of Arreh, who lived with his mother in Gabiley.

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