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Dr Gaboose Implored President Bihi to Address Kat Dangers

Hargeisa (SD) – Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gabose, one of Somaliland’s most prominent doctors, spoke passionately about how Kat imports into the country can spread Coronavirus.

Dr. Gabose who spoke to the media today at his Hospital Haldor in Hargeisa, sent message to President Muse Bihi detailing how the Kat can spread coronavirus infection in Somaliland.

“Kat is a food that is not covered in plastic bags and has not been washed and treated. but it is a hand-prepared food for people. with others touch with their hands until its selling point, others then buy Kat touched by a possible Covid-19 patient ” said Dr. Gabose.

Dr. Gabose continued “When you take the infected Kat home, what about your children, your beloved wife, your siblings and the relatives you are staying with, who will guarantee their health, , and it has been confirmed today that touching is how the virus spreads.”.

Dr. Gabose strongly criticized the Somaliland’s government appointed committee for preventing the spread of COVID-19 for excluding Kat in their warnings.

“Mr. President isn’t shame that the commission is saying to wash hands and cover your noses but they are afraid to add dangers posed by Kat, If you can’t stop it could you please have the committee to Kat use in their awareness campaign, it is one thing if a persons is making a deadly decision, it is on them, but they shouldn’t doom the community ” said Dr. Gaboose.

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