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Duale vows to back Welliam Ruto’s presidential bid

NAIROBI (Halbeeg News) – Garissa Township MP Aden Barre Duale vowed to back presidential bid of Kenya’s depity leader, William Ruto, urging Somalis in northeastern region of Kenya to follow the suit.

Speaking at a fundraising event in Garissa town, Duale expressed confidence that Ruto will defeat ODM leader Raila Odinga.

“Whether Raila Odinga is a project of Uhuru Kenyatta or deep state or anybody else, Kenya is a democratic state and it’s only the people who will go into the next elections to vote and choose the kind of leaders they want to lead them,” Duale said.

Duale called on Somali community will stick with Ruto to the end and make sure he clinches the presidency.

“The key appointments that were made from our regions from the cabinet to the lowest were done courtesy of Ruto’s leadership,”  Duale said. “That is why when the DP was silenced by the government and some of us were kicked out of the positions we held, they were given to people from other parts of the country.”

The lawmaker affirmed that they will launch door to door campaign in Northeastern to William.

“Starting next year we will move from house to house and tell our people why you are the right candidate. They already know the things you have done for them and so you will be an easy candidate to sell,” Duale said.

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