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Facebook Refuses to remove an anti Ilhan Omar Ad

Washington (SD) – Ilhan Omar’s office accused Facebook in refusing to take down an ad linking the Congresswoman to supporting Hamas in Palestine, according to the Washington Post.

The Congresswoman from Minnesota had her office inform Facebook that the post was erroneous and could create hatred and endanger her life.

“When Israel attacks Hamas, MP Ilhan calls it an act of terrorism.” the advertisement in the newspaper said.

“we are deeply concerned that Facebook would continue to profit off this hate,” Omar’s office told the tech giant.

Facebook, for its part, has confirmed that the ads do not violate its rules, according to the newspaper.

Lawmaker Ilhan Omar told Facebook that the ad “peddles both hate speech and misinformation.”

AIPAC, the Group that placed the ad on Facebook defended their attack on the Muslim Congresswoman.

“The ad concerning Representative Omar is completely fair and accurate,” AIPAC spokesman Marshall Wittmann said in a statement.

Adding that “It is not a personal attack but highlights her outrageous characterization of Israel’s efforts at self-defense as ‘terrorism.’ Israel targets Hamas terrorists, not civilians.”

However, Omar’s deputy communications director, Isi Baehr-Breen called the ads “anti-Muslim hate speech.” adding “It’s dangerous, plain and simple,”

This is not the first time social media platforms, including Facebook have been accused of posting anti women and anti minority ads.

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