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Faisal Ali Warabe: It is clear that President Muse has suspended the constitution”

Hargeisa (SD) – The chairman of Somaliland’s opposition UCID party Feisal Ali Warabe held a press conference in Hargeisa accusing the President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi of destabilizing the country.

“Muse Bihi, as you know, his election was divisive in Somaliland, dividing the country by clans, causing a huge controversy. Praise be to Allah, we ended it and allowed his election to stand, as it was in the national interest,” Faisal Ali said.

Faisal, who spoke on a number of issues, said the president reverted the country back to tribalism and nepotism and were therefore re-considering his presidency.

“If you do not abide by the constitution, I promise you will not be president for one night.” added Feisal Warabe.

Speaking to local media, Faisal Ali Warabe accused Muse Bihi of leading Somaliland to a state of crisis.

Faisal said it is inappropriate the way the President dealt with Law 14, yet to be passed by the current House of Representatives, which allows political parties to open every ten years, with political parties competing for three spots.

Faisal said President Bihi had promised early last year that he would not sign the law and would not pass the Senate.

He also said that President Bihi changed when Hirsi became chairman of the Waddani party.

The chairman of UCID, a staunched Somalilander, his statement is seen worrisome, posing a serious political challenge to President Bihi

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