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Family of deceased female spy agent sues top NISA officials

MOGADISHU (SD) – The family of Ikrah Tahlil Farah, female intelligence agent who was reportedly killed, has filed a case against some of top officials of Somalia’s national intelligence and Security agency (NISA) amid her death caused public roar.

Farah (23) went missing in June after she was reportedly abducted from house near the agency’s headquarters in Mogadishu.

In a brief statement, NISA last week announced that the young spy official was kidnapped and killed by al-Shabaab, a claimed rejected by both al-Shabaab and the mother of Ikran.

Ikran who was head of Cyber Security department joint the agency in 2017.

Through her lawyer, Dahir Mohamed Ali, the mother of Ikran, Qali Guhad, has sued Fahad Yasin, former director of NISA.

According to the filings by Ali, Guhad alleges that Yasin called Ikran a couple of times including asking her to stay in the country and wait for a job appointment, perhaps a promotion since she was already working in the agency.

 ‘She was asked to wait for a call for the job and when she finally got the call, she disappeared,” Guhad says.

Other officials sued are Abdullahi Kulane, Abdikani Wadna-qabad and Yasin Faray.

The lawyer alleges that Kulane had threatened Ikran while Yasin Farey, who then head of Benadir regional intelligence received the deceased after she was picked from her home Abdikani Wadna-qabad.

Last Thursday, NISA announced that the female agent was kidnapped and killed by the militant group Al-Shabaab, a claim rejected by group and the mother of Ikran, Qali Mohamud Guhad

Dismissal by al-Shabaab militants and subsequent dispersal and harassment of the demonstrators and journalists led to public anger with some politicians including the Council Presidential Candidates (CPC) calling for the sacking of NISA chief, Fahad Yasin and formation of an independent, international commission to take up the matter.

In a bid to calm the mounting pressure to come clean on the alleged killing of intelligence agent Ms. Farah, Prime Minister Mohamed Roble ordered the country’s intelligence agency to explain the death of female spy agent Ms. Farah within 48 hours but before the ultimatum lapsed, Roble suspended the agency’s boss Fahad Yasin and appointed Bashir Gobe as interim NISA director, prompting the president to oppose the directive, plunging the country deeper into a political crisis.

On Tuesday, the cracks in Somalia’s national executive continue to widen as president appointed Col. Yasin Abdulahi Mohamud to replace Fahad who was moved to serve as Farmaajo’s new National Security Adviser.

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