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Farmajo Agrees to Withdraw Extension and Indirect Elections

Mogadishu (SD) – Outgoing Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo delivered a speech to the nation last night after pro-government regional leaders suddenly openly opposed his term extension.

In his speech, President Farmajo verbally attacked some regional governments and foreign governments he accused of obstructing peaceful elections in the country.

The President welcomed calls from regional governments in the past few hours as a result of Galmudug, South West and Hirshabelle’s decision to oppose the extension, and has backed Prime Minister Roble.

“The Somali people will know tonight who is working to prevent elections, destroy the government, and who is supporting the peace, nationhood and unity of the Somali people,” said President Farmajo in his speech.

The President also said, “As the guardian of the Constitution, I must balance the political agreement reached with the last law passed by the House of Representatives. I will address the House of the People of the Federal Republic of Somalia on Saturday to restore the electoral process agreed upon by the Heads of the Federal and State Governments. ”

President Farmajo also called on the signatories of the September 17th agreement to convene an emergency meeting to sign the remaining clauses, without preconditions, in order to move forward with the implementation of a mutually agreed upon election.

President Farmajo called on all parties in Somalia to put an end to anything that could lead to instability in the country, instructing security agencies to maintain stability in the capital and the safety of civilians, and to avoid anything that could lead to insecurity. Somalis support the Armed Forces.

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