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Feds to administer National exms in SSC-Khatumo

LAS ANOD (SD)-The Somali government has initiated the administration of the high school exams in the regions of Khatumo for the first time.

It is anticipated that on the National Exam Day, when exams are conducted across the country not including the regions of the Puntland and Somaliland administrations, the administration of the Secondary School Certificate Examination, organized by the Somali Ministry of Education, will commence this year with students from the Khatumo Administration participating for the first time.

The State Minister of Education of the Federal Government of Somalia, Nuro Mustaf Mukhtar, recently stated that students from the Khaatumo Administration and those liberated from Al-Shabaab have been integrated into the national education system, and they will participate in this year’s exams.

Every year, the Somali government administers the Secondary School Certificate Examination, which is taken by tens of thousands of Somali students.

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