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Feisal Ali Warabe despairs of of Muse Bihi’s leadership

Hargeisa (SD) – Chairman of the UCID Party in Somaliland Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe expressed despair over the leadership of President Bihi, citing the current poor governance in Somaliland.

Faisal Ali Warabe accused incumbent President Muse Bihi of arresting dissidents and candidates from other parties opposed to his government.

The chairman of UCID said this while speaking at a ceremony held for one of the UCID party candidates in Hargeisa.

Chairman Faisal stressed that President Muse Bihi could no longer govern Somaliland.

“What has put us here today and why we have not reached our borders is bad leadership. When you vote, don’t let a tribe influence you, look at the right person who will do something for the country. ”said Faisal Ali Warabe.

He added, “Afweyne (Siyad Barre) was a dictator, but he used to make things happen, but this one (Bihi) can’t make things happen, he can’t do anything.”

Chairman Faisal Ali Warabe prayed that may God show him one day the people of Somaliland holding hands, as to remove Muse Bihi, the current president.

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