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Former Somali warns of what could happen if elections dispute is not resolved

Mogadishu (SD) – Former Somali President Ali Mahdi Mohamed has spoken out strongly about the country’s political stalemate over the election dispute.

Ali Mahdi first warned of a return to civil war and distraction, and stressed the need for compromise in an recent interview with Somali Cable TV.

He also added that if the federal government does not hold a general election before February 8, what he called a disaster will happen.

“We hope the president will reconsider his decision and get good advisers and get the matter under control and resolve it. What can be done is something that can take an hour or two.” Said the former president.

Ali Mahdi went on to discuss the government’s plans for the 2021 elections, with Jubbaland and Puntland administrations still not on board.

“If that happens (election failure) the result will be the distraction of the Somali nation and a Somali name. Every man will return to his village and his clan and raise their flag and no one will be able to re-build a Somali nation ever, I know what I’ve been through in 1991. “he said.

The statement comes as at a time when the country is going through difficult period of transition, due to an election process dispute.

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