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Friends of the International Community Express Concern Over Changes in Electoral Process

Muqdisho (SD) – Somalia’s international partners responded to a meeting in Mogadishu between leaders of the National Consultative Assembly, which recently issued a challenging electoral process.

A statement from the international partners welcoming the meeting of Somali leaders stated that the international community is aware of the concerns raised about the Upper House election process.

“The partners share with the NCC and other stakeholders the belief that the integrity of the electoral process is critical for the stability of Somalia, and we therefore encourage the NCC to take the necessary steps to ensure the credible, transparent and timely completion of the electoral process.” said the partners.

Somalia’s international partners called on Prime Minister Roble and state leaders to address these new electoral issues ‘in support of a transparent electoral process.’

“International Partners look forward to continued partnership towards the transparent and timely implementation of the electoral process.” said the partners.

The international community’s released statement noted the need for the completion of the Upper House elections.

“We note the finalization of the Upper House elections in Puntland and South West State and the start of the process in Jubaland and Galmudug. We also note concerns that have been raised regarding the Upper House process and call on the NCC to address these issues in support of a transparent, timely, inclusive and credible process for the House of the People elections.” said the partners.

The international community issued a statement calling on Somali leaders to protect the quota for women.

“Recalling that 24 per cent of the Upper House seats have so far been filled by women, we call for the redoubling of efforts to achieve at least the 30 per cent quota of seats in both Houses of Parliament going to women.” said the Partners.

The statement also discussed security issues in the country’s elections.

“We welcome the establishment of the National Electoral Security Committee and call for the resumption of meetings of the committee to ensure security arrangements are in place in all polling locations ahead of the Lower House elections and that consideration is given to women delegates, candidates and committee members security.” said the partners.

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