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Galgaduud and Galmudug residents face dire situation due to on going conflict

Beledweyne September 23,2022 (SD) -Mahaas District of Hiiraan Region and other areas were hit by conflict and drought at the same time, leading to a dire living situation.

As reported and confirmed by locals, there is high increase in the living costs due to poor traffic flow caused by the ongoing fight against Extremist’s group in the region.

The Price of a kilo of sugar is $3.5 which is tough to get it in these times of conflicts, if you even had the money, said a local resident living in the area, but did not wanted to be identified

Vulnerable people such as, children, women and the elderly are most affected by the lack of food and water in this particular period of times.

Due to this, people started to flee and escape from the areas where conflicts against Al-Shabaab are ongoing.

Similar situations like those have been reported from Galgaduud and Galmudug regions.

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