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Galmudug President: Somalia’s Elections are hampered by personal interests

Mogadishu (SD) – The president of Galmudug state, Ahmed Abdi Kariye (Qoor Qoor) in an exclusive interview with Somali Cable TV addressed a number of issues including Farmajo’s possible term extension and possible pressures from the international community.

In this interview, Qoor Qoor also discusses his political relationship with the outgoing president, as he is one of the leaders of a regional administrations affiliated to Villa Somalia.

Qoor Qoor has revealed that if Farmajo officially announces his candidacy, he will be no different then any other candidates running for the presidency of Somalia in 2021.

“President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo’s candidacy is just being talked about, when he officially announces it, i will treat him like the other candidates” said Qoor Qoor.

The Galmudug state president noted that there was no disagreement on Chairman Abdi Hashi and former presidents Sheikh Sharif and Hassan Sheikh attending the conference, adding that those were just propaganda.

The news comes as Southwest’s President Abdelaziz Laftagareen left Mogadishu for Baidoa today, leaving the election discussions in Mogadishu, when and if Laftagareen will return is not known.

His travel comes at a time when the international community has called on Somali leaders to resume talks, as Ramadan approaches

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