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Gorgor fought in Bosaso, city mayor claims

BOSASO (SD) – Federal elite forces trained by the Turkish government are fighting alongside Puntland’s US-trained forces in Bossaso town, the town’s mayor claimed.

Speaking to the media, Bossaso mayor Abdikani said Turkish-trained elite forces from the Gorgor brigade are fighting alongside soldiers loyal to sacked PSF director Mohamud Osman Diano.

“We have confirmation that Gorgor forces have been deployed in the town to fight alongside Puntland Security Forces. We have seen soldiers in Gorgor attire,”

The mayor boasted that Puntland joint forces had defeated the PSF forces loyal to sacked commandant Mohamed Diyano.

“They (Puntland Security Forces) are being attacked; they are in a cornered house. They are shelling the town with motors, they would be responsible for any harm on civilians,” said Abdi Qani.

Unreliable sources had claimed that vehicles seized from Deni commanded forces by PSF.

The ongoing fighting has also escalated with the absence of the Puntland Leader who is currently out of the state.

Deni sacked PSF commandant Mohamed Diyano in late November but he declined to step down leading to tensions between the two sides.

Early this month, Deni rejected a proposal by elders in the Bari region to allow Diyano to retain assets he used during his tenure in the force.

Reacting to the proposal by the leaders following a standoff that has persisted close to a month, Deni said the assets, including a house and vehicles, belonged to the state and not individual officers.

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