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Government and Ahlu Sunna forces clash last night

DHUSAMAREB (SD) – Heavy fighting broke out last night on the outskirts of Dhusamareb between government with Galmudug forces and Ahlu Sunna fighters.

According to reports, the heavy fighting broke out after Ahlu Sunna militia ambushed government and Galmudug forces from Dhusamareb, in Balli-Bire area.

The coalition forces and Ahlu Sunna exchanged gun and mortar fire, and there were unconfirmed reports of casualties on both sides.

Ahlu Sunna forces are based in Bohol area on the outskirts of Dhusamareb, and their forces have reportedly been seen areas close to Dhusamareb town on several occasions.

The warring parties have not yet commented on the recent clashes.

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