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Government sanctioned study shows Somaliland’s trade deficit with Ethiopia

Hargeisa (SD) – Ethiopia exports US $ 668 million annually to Somaliland, while Somaliland exports and earns US $ 21 million, according to a recent study.

This is the result of a recent data collection by Somaliland economists and officials from the Somaliland Ministry of Finance.

Adan Ismail, one of the experts, released the results of their investigation to the media, highlighting the decades long economical concern.

“Research on” Somaliland’s Exports to Ethiopia: Obstacles and Opportunities. We have collected a lot of data on trade barriers on our country’s exports to Ethiopia. We have also presented data on lots of trade opportunities for our business community in the vast country of Ethiopia.’‘ Adan Ismail said.

The research confirmed the trade deficit between Somaliland and Ethiopia, a debilitating reality for millions of Somalilanders for decades.

“We found out from research that Ethiopia imports US $ 668 million and we export US $ 21 million.” Indicated the research.

However, modernization of Berbera port and Berbera corridor is expected to boost Somaliland’s trade with Ethiopia

Economic and social experts in Somaliland believe that Ethiopia’s main import to Somaliland Kat, is linked to economic and family breakdowns, poor social integration, and unemployment.

Somaliland Ministry of Finance contributed to this research, yet did not present ways to offset the trade deficit with Ethiopia.

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