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Guled and Hashi pick separate poll team leaders

MOGADISHU (SD) – Top officials from northern Somalia have disagreed over the appointment of members of the electoral teams for Somaliland state ahead of the country’s parliamentary and presidential election.

Two factions led by Mahdi Mohamed Guled, Somalia’s deputy prime minister and Senate speaker Abdi Hashi have each formed their own election team leaders.

Last Saturday, Guled’s faction met and elected Mr Khadar Harir Hussein as chairman and Najib Hussein Samale as deputy.

The nine comprised of six members appointed by Somalia’s Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled, one of the top government officials who hails from Somaliland, plus three members appointed by the office of Prime Minister Mohamud Hussein Roble.

Hours later, the other faction headed by Senate speaker Abdi Hashi held a parallel meeting and appointed Suleiman Aideed Osman as chairman and Abdishakur Abib Hayir deputy.

Senate speaker Abdi Hashi shall nominate 4 members to the Somaliland Electoral Team SEIT}, one member to the Federal Electoral Commission of Somaliland {FEIT} and one member to the Dispute Resolution Committee

The row between Guled and Hashi has been persisting since last year when the officials disagreed over who to appoint Somaliland poll committee.

Elections of members of the House Senate are expected to take place in two weeks.

The presidential election is also scheduled to be held on 10th October 2021.

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