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Hamse Warfa picked to join Biden administration

WASHINGTON (SD) – Hamse Warfa, a young Somali- American man, joins President Joe Biden’s administration as a senior adviser to the State Department.

Hamse, now deputy chairman of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Economic Development (DEED), will be the highest-ranking Somali to be appointed by a US president.

Hamse Warfa has been appointed by President Joe Biden to a position advancing the administration’s democracy agenda at home and abroad. Warfa will serve as Senior Advisor, Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights in the State Department. Warfa was the leader of DEED department of MN State.

“I feel incredibly honored, I’ve gained a set of experiences in different sectors. My mission in life is to help build equitable economy and advance democracy.” Warfa said.

In a statement released Monday, Hamse thanked President Joe Biden for his appointment.

“I really consider it a privilege to serve America and to strengthen the special place this place is because of democracy, and extend benefits of democracy to the world,” Warfa said.

Hamse came to the United States as a refugee in 1994. He studied political science and administration. In 2014 he published a book called America Here I Come: A Somali Refugee’s Quest for Hope.

Warfa is starting a new job at the U.S. State Department later this month. 


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