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“Hate me or not, I am a Somali, and Somalis are inseparable” .. Politician Bubaa

Hargeisa (SD) – Former Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia Prof. Ismail Hurre Bubaa, currently a member of the Wadani opposition party, calls on Somalis to unite, for a better life.

Prof. Bubaa who give an interview to Eryal TV in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, said he believes that Somali people can prosper when all five Somali regions come together.

“I believe that the Somali people are inseparable. The nations of the Horn of Africa are coming together to work together, and to reconcile, retrieve their resources, so, whether you are in Somaliland, in Somalia, in Ethiopia, in Djibouti, or in Kenya, Somalis have to make a decision today, that is, if there is a desire for better life, and to create a better life for future generations, that will take greater Somalia to work together, ” said prof. Ismail Bubaa.

Prof Ismail Bubaa also said that any region can have its own administration, but Somalis must work together and not be divided this way.

“Self-rule and separate administration can be stablished in each region, but the interests of the Somali people in the Horn of Africa are inseparable, and God has created them in this way, and one can’t achieve much without the other, I was born in Hargeisa, I grew up in Awaare, and Somalis are all like that, so we should not lie to each other.” Added the professor.

Bubaa’s comments regarding greater Somalia become the most talked about news item in Somaliland today, given the country’s position on independence from Somalia.

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